How to optimally care for mountain sports clothing

When is impregnation necessary?

If no more beads are formed on the outer material (e.g. water check with a spray bottle), it no longer has the perfect protective scope. Then it is time to refresh the waterproof and breathable functional textile with a suitable and environmentally-friendly intensive impregnation.

We recommend bluesign® certified impregnation for outdoor textiles made in Germany.

Water beads up on jacket

How should outdoor clothing be washed?

In general, please follow the washing and care instructions on your outdoor textiles. On the one hand, it is important to clean the stuck or contaminated membrane by washing in order to restore the full functionality of the outdoor textile. On the other hand, it is important not to contaminate the membrane with detergent residues. Therefore, please do not use powder and mild detergents or fabric softeners (as well as bleach and stain removers). Special outdoor care detergents clean the membrane from deposits and neutralise detergent residues deposited in the fabric without damaging the membrane.

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